Peyton Manning Out Indefinitely?

Peyton Manning Out Indefinitely?

ESPN Radio in Indianapolis may have just ruined fantasy football for a big part of America.

According to the Twitter account of the host of Indy's afternoon "The Ride with JMV" show, Manning is nowhere close to coming back.

Here's the tweet:


In a not-surprising response from Colts fans all over the greater Indianapolis area (and perhaps Knoxville), the host has been roasted and called every name in the book for having the audacity to say God's gift to the National Football League isn't healthy enough to begin the season. (Reminds some of us of the way the guy who said Jim Tressell was done at Ohio State got treated in December...)

If Manning isn't ready to go for the Colts, Indy fans aren't the only people up the creek. Fantasy football owners all over the country continued to put their faith in Manning, selecting him among the first quarterbacks off the board this year. Any missed games for Manning would hurt his value, and almost certainly devastate the value of other Colts offensive players like Reggie Wayne, Joseph Addai and Dallas Clark.

Should Manning miss extended time, this shifts the balance of power all over the AFC with only a few days before the season begins.

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  • Injuries are a tough break and part of life for any athlete, and the best come back as Peyton will.

    Similarly, Ohio State injured its reputation, its squad and its coaching staff; and gifted its haters with a little extra bile for them to spew from their bellies.

    I guess we'll have to wait on the word from Manning's health honchos, but hopefully he'll be back even before Ohio State bags 11 wins come November.

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