NFL Lockout: Failure Continues

NFL Lockout: Failure Continues

The NFL continues to tease fans by saying they're "moments away" from the lockout ending.

And yet here we are, with owners headed to an expensive lunch somewhere in New York (I'll have the lobster bisque) and no deal is done.

Brian Urlacher told ESPN on Thursday morning that he believes, even if a deal gets done today, that the Hall of Fame Game between the Bears and Rams won't happen. What's more, earlier this week it was reported that Peyton Manning won't be ready for the beginning of training camp (whenever that happens) because of his summer neck surgery.

So even if things get done, the news doesn't get much better for fans.

The NFL understands their place atop the sports landscape in the United States. They're handling the lockout with the confidence that, no matter when they get a deal done, they're still the undisputed champion of consumer dollars. Truthfully, it doesn't appear that they care what fans think.

And, as a fan, I can tell you that I/we don't care about their nonsense, either.

Whenever the evening news (or major sports news network) begins talking about the stupid rhetoric being tossed back and forth by the NFL, I change the channel. I honestly don't care if one millionaire is screwing another out of money (unless a Kardashian's involved, of course). Just sign some paper and play the game boys.

Just tell me when I can schedule my fantasy football draft, and we'll all agree to move on.

At least there aren't football players signing up to play in Europe... Good luck, NBA.


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  • i know it's easy to get frustrated, but you can't look at the salaries of those involved. it's a union and a labor negoation, plain and simple. the same kind of negoations electrical workers and plumbers go through. the difference is that plumbers and electricians don't have hundreds of millions of people watching their every move. these things take time. both sides are working in good faith to get a deal done in time for a full regular season. in fact, it looks like the players are making big sacrifices to do so. they want to play (or want the money). either way, you will have your season...and your fantasy draft...and your madden 12.

  • In reply to jayzawaski:

    My hope was to be more of a statement of the collective apathy of fans regarding this entire process more than a frustrated fan. Fans have missed NOTHING except a few names changing places a couple months ago, and nobody watches/cares about preseason games anyways. If the regular season goes off w/out missing anything, then this lockout was meaningless to fans.

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