LeBron Ain't Michael Jordan, But He Might Be...

LeBron Ain't Michael Jordan, But He Might Be...

After Scottie Pippen cemented his head somewhere comfortably in his rear end and told the world that LeBron James is better than Michael Jordan, the whole world sat back and waited to see King James back up the praise.

Well, on Tuesday night, LeBron achieved an incredible feat: an elusive triple-single. Eight (8) points.

MJ never scored fewer than 22 in a Finals game, and didn't watch other guys toss brick after brick at the rim in a crucial fourth quarter.

So let's all wipe twice and flush the LeBron-Jordan comparisons.

But there is a Hall of Fame player that compares favorably to LeBron.

Let's talk about "The Admiral," David Robinson.


Early in his career, Robinson was a dominant center. He did anything he wanted for the Spurs, including winning scoring titles and taking teams with little around him to the playoffs year after year.

But once San Antonio got into the dance, Robinson's game changed.

Suddenly, The Admiral was playing like a life vest. He started turning should-be dunks into missed lay-ups, started kicking the ball out of the post instead of imposing his will... he listened to his critics, and it showed.

It wasn't until Tim Duncan arrived (a year after Robinson missed almost an entire season with an injury) that he figured out that the time to change his game was August, not May.

Once he had another superstar on his wing, Robinson was comfortable to dominate on both ends of the floor and, eventually, he got a ring. But a big part of the championship story for Robinson was another player entering the equation at a Hall of Fame-level.

LeBron has been anything bur a force in the Finals. In Game Four, he deferred to everyone on the team throughout the fourth quarter, and stood in the quarter next to Jason Terry and watched as Dwyane Wade almost coughed up the inbounds pass and then Mike Miller throwing up an empty prayer.

If LeBron wants to be the GOAT that he has claimed to be since entering the league, he can't stand in the corner next to a guy half his size and watch.

Wade has carried LeBron this far, and might have to carry him to a ring. At some point, just as Robinson did, LeBron is going to have to learn to be a champion. So far, he isn't close to earning that title.


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