Taj Gibson, Chicago Bulls Own Miami Heat in Game One

Taj Gibson, Chicago Bulls Own Miami Heat in Game One

Luol Deng, Carlos Boozer and Luol Deng combined to score 63 points.

Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and LeBron James combined to score 63 points.

And the Bulls have a bench.

Have I mentioned Taj Gibson yet?

The Bulls bench was dominant, their bigs were too much and their effort was better than Miami could offer on Sunday night.

When Miami thought they could go small, they found out quickly that they were wrong. Running out James Jones at power forward and Jamaal Magloire at center is laughable against the Bulls athleticism.

Based on the first game of this series, it is clear that the Bulls front office put a better plan into place last summer by building depth. Miami has three players; players not named Wade, Bosh or James combined to score 19 points for the Heat on Sunday night.

Deng absolutely outplayed LeBron on both ends of the floor, and DRose had probably the quietest 28 point, 6 assist game of his career.

There was a lot about the Bulls victory to give fans confidence moving forward.


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  • I am so proud of the Bulls! That was just complete domination and devastating, smothering, championship caliber Defense with a capital D.

    The crazy thing is that wasn't even the Bulls best game...not even close.

    The Bullies can do better, and they will have to, but at least for tonight the Bulls and the city of Chicago can sleep well knowing that we gave the Heat a good punch in the mouth, and said, "Is that all you've got?

    Bulls in Five.

    Taj Gibson your table is ready. Lou finally gets the love he deserves after years of injuries and bashing by the fans.

    Team play, Defense, Hustle, Grit, Toughness, the best player on the court, and a Team full of guys that understand their roles.

    Good Night Chicago. Go Bulls!

  • Taj Gibson is a GROWN MAN!

  • Taj Gibson's legs are finally back from the surgery he had in college.

    And he's only just begun

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