Stuff You Should Read Today

Stuff You Should Read Today

There was a lot of awesome sports-related content all over the web today, so here are a few things you should absolutely check out!

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Advertising Age's interview with NHL COO John Collins, who looks into the future of hockey. It's exciting to see the vision that's driving the NHL right now.

Yahoo!'s Puck Daddy blog discusses comments made by former Blackhawks' All-Star Jeremy Roenick during the Sharks-Red Wings game. Roenick made a good point and played the game; the bald moron from CSN Silicon Valley couldn't carry JR's jock. Good read.

SPORTSbyBROOKS exposes Ohio State and Jim Tressel as the liars and cheats they are - with evidence. As I first reported on Christmas Day, Tressel's job should be in jeopardy. The mounting evidence is going to make it increasingly hard for OSU to keep The Vest on the sidelines. looks at SBNation's approach to alt media - a fascinating read/video.

Here's some great Chicago-related links as well:

Chicago Blackhawks postseason grades for:

NHL Central Division summer free agency preview

Blackhawks summer free agency preview

Stan Bowman's history as GM of the Blackhawks

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