Jim Tressel Leaves Ohio State

Jim Tressel Leaves Ohio State
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Ohio State head football coach Jim Tressel has, officially, resigned.

He will not coach a single game at the university after their bowl game appearance in January.

I know I heard that news somewhere before...

And yet, when I wrote that Tressel would leave OSU back on Christmas day, the reaction I received was... well... less than popular.

"The OZone," a fan site for the Buckeyes, posted the picture of me with my son and the Stanley Cup and shared their thoughts on my story. How dare I report truth?

NBC SPORTS started roasting me with a "please hold your laughter" preface to the story.

And the Columbus Post Dispatch? This is how their Buckeyes writer treated me on Twitter.

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And yet here we are, on Memorial Day, months before Ohio State plays a game, and Tressel is doing exactly what I reported he would do: stepping down. (Who's crying in a bar now, Doug?)

With regard to the text message that Ohio State SID Shelly Poe sent to the OSU media, reading: "Reports circulating that Chicago web site is reporting, tress (Tressel) is retiring after the bowl are totally the work of some prankster." My response is simple: if a prank is someone pulling the wool over another person's eyes, the very man Poe was defending was the "prankster," not me.

As the O-Zone said in their piece on Christmas Day, "While Mr. Tab is sticking to his story, it seems unlikely that both Smith and Poe would issue public statements to the contrary unless they believed the story to be false. It is of course possible that Tressel has either resigned or been fired without the knowledge of either Smith or Poe, or that both Smith and Poe are participating in what would eventually become a very transparent and clumsy cover up if Mr. Tab is eventually proven correct."

Transparent and clumsy indeed. 

To all those folks in Ohio that took shots at me on twitter, and left personal attacks in the comments on my piece that ended up being factual, you're welcome. Glad I could share the news five months before it became true.


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