The Masters, Barry Bonds and More: A Book Worth Checking Out This Weekend

The Masters, Barry Bonds and More: A Book Worth Checking Out This Weekend

This week presents some wonderful sports options to fans of any game.

The Masters begins, the NHL regular season ends, the White Sox host their home opener on Thursday, the Cubs take their act on the road for the first time and the Bulls continue working to secure the top seed in the Eastern Conference.

Meanwhile, baseball's all-time home run champion* - Barry Bonds - continues to stand trial for lying to a federal grand jury.

While it certainly isn't my nature to take time out away from the games on the field to recommend something to read, there's a book that came out in 2010 that could be a fascinating read for sports fans.

Crashing Augusta cover art.jpg

Jonathan Littman, a contributing editor at Playboy and the 2009 winner of the New York Prss Club's award for best sports writing, put a collection of five short stories together last year that are not only an easy read, but also incredibly timely right now.

The second short story in the book, which bears the book's title of "Crashing Augusta," is a colorful look inside The Masters. He breaks down how to get into the tournament, where to watch from, and paints a picture of the greatest tournament on the planet that few could have.

The fourth short story in the book, titled "The Persecution of Barry Bonds," offers a unique insider perspective on the trial that is just now taking place some seven years after the charges were brought against Bonds. While much of the country has focused on the Bonds described in the book Game of Shadows, Littman instead focuses his attention on federal prosecutor Jeff Novitzsky and how the case against Bonds was built.

Both of these chapters offer a unique perspective on two of the biggest sports stories going on right now, and are worth a few moments of your time.

If you get a chance, head out and pick up a copy of Crashing Augusta by Jonathan Littman . You won't be disappointed.

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