Chicago Sports Fans' Hypocrisy Has A Night On The Town

Chicago Sports Fans' Hypocrisy Has A Night On The Town

The Blackhawks are desperately fighting for their playoff lives without two of their more important players: Patrick Sharp and Dave Bolland. Sharp has been dealing with a knee injury, while Bolland is suffering from concussion symptoms.

Then I read this on the Tribune's site this afternoon:

"Fellow Chicago-area actor Vince Vaughn hung out at Proof on Sunday, as did the Blackhawks' Duncan Keith and Dave Bolland, the Phoenix Suns' Channing Frye and retired NBA star Jim Jackson."


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The reaction on Twitter has been interesting, to say the least. Most of the responses to the alleged sighting are that it's a non-story, and that a guy should be able to leave home.

I appreciate that. Really, I do.

But the gossip columnist didn't write "Bolland seen at Jewel, squeezed two grapefruit and bought milk." And he didn't write "Bolland leaves carwash without tipping well." (That would have been Scottie Pippen, anyway.)

This is a guy who is suffering from concussion symptoms.

Migraines are come-and-go, but I would imagine an evening out with Vince Vaughn isn't a "quiet night out."

This is the same city where Jay Cutler was blasted for walking up stairs to have dinner, and where a healthy Patrick Kane has been blasted for having the audacity to be seen having a good time in public. But when an important player - who, again, is suffering from concussion symptons - is seen at a night club, we're all supposed to hope he has a good time?

Sorry, but I can't disagree more.

If we, as fans, are going to hold our heroes to a higher standard of living, then let's be consistent. Bolland is an important player on a struggling team, and his teammates need him back on the ice. If a nightclub isn't a responsible place for him to be with a concussion, I'm not going to give him a free pass.


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  • I was actually suprised that the media didn't make a bigger deal about Jay walking up the stairs. Especially when there is a VIP area downstairs too! Maybe this is a sign that he is progressing and not just conspiracy? Never know in this crazy town!!

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