Carmelo Anthony Traded: Chicago Bulls Trade Options Opening?

Carmelo Anthony Traded: Chicago Bulls Trade Options Opening?
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In case you haven't heard, the blockbuster trade of the year/decade has taken place in the NBA.


The New York Knicks will acquire Carmelo Anthony, Chauncey Billups, Sheldon Williams, Anthony Carter and Renaldo Balkman from Denver and Corey Brewer from Minnesota.

The Denver Nuggets will acquire Wilson Chandler, Raymond Felton, Danilo Gallinari, Timofey Mozgov and the Knicks' 2014 1st round pick. There are reports that there may be other picks and cash headed to Denver as well.

The Minnesota Timberwolves will receive Anthony Randolph and Eddy Curry.

Got it? OK.

Now how can the Chicago Bulls cash-in on the fallout from this blockbuster deal?

Obviously the Denver Nuggets are now entering a significant rebuilding stage in their franchise's history. With Anthony moving on, the Nuggets are putting their future into the hands of Gallinari, Felton and... yeah, good luck.

By moving the number of bigs in this deal, the Nuggets will be looking at limited depth at power forward and center. After Nene, the Nuggets are looking at washed up role players Kenyon Martin and Al Harrington to be the size with Chris Anderson and Mozgov as tall, skinny center options.

There isn't a legitimate defensive power forward in that group. Martin and Anderson will block shots, but they can't handle a posting forward any more. Harrington is an oversize small forward, and Mozgov is listed at only 250 pounds.

Meanwhile, the Nuggets now have a handful of players at the shooting guard-small forward positions that could be broken up. Gallinari appears to be the centerpiece of the trade from Denver's perspective, and will likely replace Anthony starting at small forward in the Nuggets' lineup. One would have to think that JR Smith will also see an increased role as well.

Here's where the Bulls come into play.

With Joakim Noah coming back, the Bulls actually have too many bigs to continue rotating. In January, Kurt Thomas saw his minutes increase and he responded by averaging 7.7 rebounds per game. His minutes have been cut back in February, but he's still averaging 5.6 rebounds per game this month and is at 6.0 rebounds per game on the season.

Behind Noah and Carlos Boozer, Thomas could be a solid option at power forward.

At center, Omer Asik has steadily increased his production all year and is averaging 5.0 rebounds per game in February as well. He is a sound backup at center.

Left out of the mix is a fifth player averaging five rebounds per game this year, Taj Gibson.


He is probably the best defensive power forward of the group of backups, but is expendable at this point in the season if the Bulls can upgrade somewhere else.

In Denver, the player that could be seen as the odd-man-out is small forward Chandler. His playing time has been up and down all season, but he's continued to produce when given the opportunity. Listed at 6'8 and 225 pounds, Chandler is physically big enough to give the Bulls minutes at power forward if asked but can also back up Luol Deng at small forward.

Chandler is averaging 16.4 points and 5.9 rebounds per game this year for the Knicks.


If the Bulls offered the Nuggets Gibson and the always-popular first round draft pick, Denver would probably listen. Because the first round pick from the Knicks isn't until 2014, a pick in 2011 or 2012 might make the deal even more popular with Nuggets management.

The Bulls are looking for added scoring on their bench, and Chandler is certainly an intriguing player with a lot of upside and physical ability. If the Nuggets would bite on Gibson and a pick, the Bulls should do it all day.


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  • Actually very intrigued by this idea. Let's hope it happens.

  • that isn't a bad idea though it depends on how well chandler can play defense because taj is an excellent shot blocker these days and is our defensive stopper after booz comes out. also, isn't chandler deserving of a big contract after this season?? if so can the bulls keep him after season after signing up derrick rose under the new CBA (hope so) because if that is possible then we might be able to take chandler and give up taj.

    though one scenario comes into my mind if noah can play power forward and have asik play center at times when the other team has a post up PF in then that fixes the problem of when we let taj go (like how we did it earlier in the season...aka the twin towers of the bulls)

    also another scenario could be play Luol at power forward more minutes and cut his small forward minutes and have wilson keep those up so the rotation could be like rose, korver/brewer, wilson, luol, noah/asik/kurt

    this could work out to benefit the bulls and provide that extra punch that they need without giving up too much for a shooting guard...though it would depend how wilson can defend and how he meshes in with Thibs system

    OH completely forgot wilson has a better field goal percentage and is an excellent three point threat compared to luol so by having luol play PF and wilson at SF i think D-Rose can benefit BY FAR THE MOST because he can drive in and either take it in all the way or place it on the wing of either luol or wilson to make the three.

    the latter would completely destroy the zone defense most teams would give the bulls and would create havoc even for the boston celtics i am guessing to guard.

  • In reply to Verzula:

    This year, Taj is averaging 1.60 blocks per game. Chandler is averaging 1.37. For an extra 9 points per game from a guy that can play the 3 or 4, I'll take the quarter block per game dropoff from Taj to Chandler all day.

  • Wilson Chandler doesn't address the Bulls most pressing issue. Chandler for Gibson is just a trade for depth and bench players because thats all either of them will be.

    The Bulls need perimeter scoring and length.

    The guy that the Bulls should target would be from the Knicks. Would the Knicks do Asik and Watson for Fields and Anthony Carter? Knicks need size in the middle and Asik would provide that. Knicks also need a fast tempo PG to complement Billups especially in D'Antoni's style of bball. I know the Knicks are big on Fields but if he can be had, he would fit in beautifully in the starting rotation and back court with Rose. Fields doesn't need the basketball but he can create his own shot and has 3pt range. He's still young and his defense would have to improve but ideally, you're looking at an excellent backcourt for years to come. Anthony Carter is more a throw in at this point and would be needed to play sparingly to back up DRose.

    Another more short term solution might be Mikhael Pietrus of the Suns. He's another guy with size, length, and shooting ability. He might have lost a step defensively but he's still good enough.

    Some outside or real long-shot trade target would include either Wesley Matthews or Brandon Roy from the TrailBlazers who are in selling mode and have an excess at the SG position. Demarr DeRozan would be another guy I'd target but the Raptors are big on DeRozan so he may be untouchable.

  • In reply to ripiceman:

    funny... Chandler has a better 3 pt pct this year than Deng. If you get a 3 bigger 3 in Chandler that can create, there will be more space for a guy like Korver to do what he's getting paid to do: outside shooting.

    There's no way the Knicks make a deal to compete w/ teams including Chicago and then trade w/ the Bulls. That's nowhere close to realistic. And I would take Chandler over Pietrus any day. And the fact that you bring up Brandon Roy, who has reportedly had the future of his career questioned by doctors because he keeps getting hurt, is laughable. Time to be realistic, and Chandler would be an outstanding fit here.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    What does Chandler's 3pt pct have to do with Deng? And how does one 3 (Chandler) replacing another 3 (Deng) give an opportunity to the third 3 (Korver) to do what he does best?

    Deng is the clear starter at the small forward spot and playing about 38-40 min a game. Thats not going to change under Thibs. That forces Chandler to play more PF and SG to get minutes. Considering we have Bogans, Brewer, and Korver already fighting for time at the Guard position, this leaves Chandler to primarily get his minutes at PF. With Boozer there, how many minutes is Chandler really going to get? Chandler is averaging 16ppg in 34min in D'Antoni's high power offense, how effective is he going to be in this offense playing maybe 20min per game?

    You're also forgetting that Thibs likes Gibson because he provides the defensive presence that Boozer doesn't. When Boozer is not playing well defensively, Thibs goes with Gibson who is a better shotblocker and team defender than Boozer is. Chandler is not the defender that Gibson is and while he provides a scoring threat, Thibs is not going to sacrifice the defense for the offense.

    The reason I argue that Fields or Pietrus would be a better fit than Chandler is not because they are better players but in fact because they are a better fit and shores up more of a need for the Bulls at the Guard position. You can take Chandler over Pietrus all day but you're probably not going to start Chandler at the Guard position.

    What we need is a long, athletic 2 guard who can shoot and along with Brewer help defend against the other long 2 guards like Wade, Bryant, Joe Johnson etc.

  • In reply to the1tab:

    I agree that the Knicks are probably unlikely to trade to a fellow contender but it doesn't hurt to inquire about Landry Fields considering that the Knicks roster depth is decimated. I wouldn't call it laughable but maybe unlikely. Asik would give them the only thing that remotely looks like a center on that team and he's defensively sound which is just what the Knicks would want considering their offensive prowess. I also think Watson would be a fit for their offensive scheme considering he likes a more up tempo style. They also have Corey Brewer coming in from the trade and Kelenna Azubuike coming back from injury so again, they may be open to the idea.

    I agree that Brandon Roy would probably not be a good fit. Along with the health that you pointed out, it wouldn't match up money wise either.

    If not Fields or Roy, I still think Pietrus might be a good fit along with maybe Wesley Matthews in Portland who might not be available but again, inquiring doesn't hurt. Besides Parker, Lee, there's Afflalo from Denver and maybe a guy like Randy Foye from the Clippers.

    If you want to talk realistically, the Bulls are probably not going to do anything or maybe at most pick up a guy like Parker or even wait and hope that a Butler or Hamilton gets bought out. But speculation is fun...

  • In reply to the1tab:

    though by the sounds of it they just got a miami first round pick (top-15 protected) from toronto for sending JJ over. I think the bulls are trying to gather their picks and maybe trade asik or taj over for either jr smith or oj mayo because of what has happened in NY. I wouldn't surprised because the management before didn't see NY to be a threat but now with Carmelo and a little less talented team those Knicks seem much more hungry to beat us.

    I still want OJ Mayo no matter what and then we would be complete. Use the picks you got bulls and do what it takes to bring him in or even bring in JR Smith for the bench and get Korver out of here then we will see how that will turn out.

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