Jay Cutler Hurt, Getting Trashed on Twitter: Players Need to Shut Up

Jay Cutler Hurt, Getting Trashed on Twitter: Players Need to Shut Up
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It will never cease to amaze me how selfish and stupid professional athletes can be.

Players like Maurice Jones-Drew and Kerry Rhodes went on Twitter last night and trashed Jay Cutler for leaving the game. On Monday, it was confirmed that Cutler tore his MCL. Here are a few choice nuggets from their commentary last night:

from Rhodes:

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from Jones-Drew:


Nice, boys, nice.

Well here's my response: get bent.

There's a really good reason why Rhodes and Jones-Drew were commenting on Twitter last night while the conference championship games were being played: they were at home just like you and me.

It takes a little man to take shots at a guy when he's down, and a bigger man to defend the seemingly undefendable.

Which is why Bears safety Chris Harris spent a couple hours on Twitter last night hearing and responding to what fans had to say. Harris has never been anything but a class act in his career, and showed his true colors by taking time after a painful loss - a game he played in hurt - to defend his quarterback and the honor of the Bears to idiots everywhere.

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Here's where the disconnect becomes personal with Cutler, though.

One of the more respected players in the NFL today, LaDainian Tomlinson, is never slammed by current or former players on Twitter. In fact, most players consider the future Hall of Famer an elite person on an off the field.


And yet in the last three years, Tomlinson has taken himself out of playoff games because of a migraine and, just as Jay Cutler did yesterday, a knee injury.

The difference: Tomlinson's knee was sprained. Cutler had a torn MCL.

Nobody in the league questioned Tomlinson's toughness when he forgot to pack a couple Advil for a road game. And nobody went on record trashing his "intestinal fortitude" when he couldn't play the second half of a playoff game against Indianapolis in January of 2008... and yet now players are teeing up Cutler?


I expect idiot talking heads like Bill Platchke and Jay Mariotti to jump all over Cutler, because it's their job to make people talk. Harris was man enough to take on a sports talk show host that was trashing Cutler from his lay-z-boy in Dallas, obviously someone who had never touched a football.

But for former players to take shots?

Sports Illustrated's Jim Trotter stood up for Cutler quickly after the game ended, and wrote a stellar piece here. I will conclude my thoughts with the end of his piece, because it rings true:

I have been a critic of Cutler for years. He has been boorish and, at times, condescending with the media and distant with fans. But the look in his eyes after hearing that players around the league questioned his integrity told me something that an MRI cannot. The pain in his heart was far greater than anything he felt in his knee.




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  • Great post here TAB...Cutler is a hard guy to read though but I get it. I tore my patella tendon and extremely frustrated to not be able to do what you know you can.

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