Chicago Bears Defeat Philadelphia Eagles: Sports Illustrated Credited With An Assist

Chicago certainly has been known to have our fair share of superstitions...

OK, let's be honest. Even Stevie Wonder has thought this city is overboard when it comes to putting faith in some form of negative mojo.

From the Black Sox to the goat to Bartman to the ridiculous hexes that bad ownership (Bill Wirtz, McCaskey Family) put on teams, Chicagoans have a laundry list of supernatural excuses for every loss.

But now, we're getting some help from one of the best curses out there: the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx. Thanks to SI, the Bears have been assured a victory this weekend when Michael Vick, the latest cover boy, and the Eagles come to town.

On behalf of all of Chicago, thanks for the help SI!

Vick SI.jpg


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  • Yes! We can get all the help we can get. Thanks SI! Thanks for sharing.

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