Reggie Bush Gives His Heisman Back, and I Don't Care

Reggie Bush Gives His Heisman Back, and I Don't Care

On Tuesday, New Orleans Saints running back Reggie Bush gave back his Heisman Trophy.

As someone who absolutely loves football, I'm actually angry that I don't care.

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First of all, let's be totally honest about this. Reggie Bush is giving back his trophy, arguably the most prestigious individual honor an athlete can earn in North America, because the Heisman Trust can't take it back.

The NCAA passed down heavy sanctions on USC relating to improper benefits received by Bush and basketball player OJ Mayo, essentially wiping Bush's name from the history of USC and college football. Because Bush has been ruled ineligible, he couldn't have won the Heisman.

Basically, the Heisman still considers itself an award with some virtue.

Bush won the Heisman with the second-highest percentage of votes in the history of the award. And yet even then there were off-field concerns, some of which let to a lawsuit and, ultimately, the NCAA's sanctions.

But the Heisman Trust couldn't, with a straight face, take the award away from Bush.

Even while there has been a moderate call for him to have the award stripped from him, there has been a school of thought that a different OJ from USC, OJ Simpson, has more bad on his resume than Bush and should have his Heisman taken away before Bush.

So now, in a somewhat shocking turn of event, Bush is giving the award back. Vince Young, the runner-up in 2005 and better professional player, has already gone on *record* (Twitter) as saying the award is Reggie's and should stay that way. So there simply won't be a 2005 winner.

And yet, for some reason, I don't care.

Perhaps it's because part of me's still pissed off that Bush pushed Matt "Cross-Eyed and Unemployed" Leinart into the end zone to beat Notre Dame.

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Perhaps it's because of the amount of venom thrown at the Houston Texans for not taking Bush with the first overall pick in the draft. Mario Williams has been to multiple Pro Bowls and is an elite defensive end, and not many of the same "analysts" question the pick now. But when it happened... get out the scarlet letter!

Perhaps it's because, as a rookie, on the road, in the snow, Bush taunted the Chicago Bears defense while scoring a touchdown in the NFC Championship game.

Admittedly, there's probably a lot of bitterness there. The Bears absolutely wrecked the Saints after Bush's show-boating, and then (Rex) lost the Super Bowl to the Colts. Any consolation my contempt for Bush had that he lost that day was rendered mute when the Saints went to, and won, the Super Bowl.

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Perhaps it's because he's been with Kim Kardashian. Yeah...

Most likely, it's because everything about Reggie Bush has felt like a lie ever since the sports world "met" him through a television set. Pete Carroll knew what he was doing when he jumped to the Seattle Seahawks this year. That entire era of Trojans, from Bush and Leinart to other players like receiver Mike Williams and running back LenDale White, have all been a miserable failure in the NFL.

Everything about Bush has been a lie. And now he's "stepping up" and "doing the right thing" by handing the award back.

Maybe he never should have accepted the Heisman, or the illegal benefits, in the first place.

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