Daily Chicago Sports Tab Contest! [WIN FREE STUFF]

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What's up everybody?

Since the Bears are playing the Dallas Cowboys this week, we thought it would be a good time to run a contest. It's going to be pretty simple, and you would win some great stuff!

The Daily Chicago Sports Tab is partnering with the good people at Corona Light to put together a great contest. Runners up will receive the good looking Corona Light tshirts below, and the GRAND PRIZE is a Corona Light-branded 160 Gig iPod! You can also see the iPod below.

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Here's what you have to:

1. Go to the Corona Light page on Facebook (click on the blue type... it's a link... I'm making the first step easy for you)

2. Become a Fan of Corona Light

3. On the bessage board for Corona Light,  post your prediction for the final score of the Bears-Cowboys game. Begin the post with DCST (for Daily Chicago Sports Tab).

EXAMPLE: DCST  Bears 419  Cowboys -4

This contest is first come, first wins so make sure you register ASAP! Good luck, and GO BEARS!

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