Jim Gray: the Most Hated Man in Sportscasting?

Jim Gray: the Most Hated Man in Sportscasting?
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First, he's the man LeBron pimped for "The Decision."

Now, he's made Corey Pavin mad enough to nearly start a fight.

Is Jim Gray becoming the most hated man in sportscasting?

When LeBron used ESPN to trash the state of Ohio and let the world know he was "taking his talents to South Beach," the yes-man sitting on the other stool was Jim Gray.

Long as Gray been a voice that has been far from a favorite for many sports fans, but his willingness to take part in LeBron's decision clearly indicated that he's become little more than a mouthpiece for selfish athletes.

Now, as an analyst for the Golf Channel, Gray is making golfers want to fight.

Before this weekend's flop, Tiger Woods answered a battery of questions. One subject that popped up all weekend, and which was addressed after the tournament, was Tiger representing the US in this year's Ryder Cup.

The top eight US players automatically qualify for the roster, and Woods currently ranks 10th. The captain of the team, Corey Pavin, is allowed to fill the roster with special invitations. Reporters asked Woods if he would accept a captain's invite, and he indicated his play didn't deserve a spot on the team.

Then Gray entered the story.

Gray reported earlier this week that Pavin told him in an interview that he would use one of his invitations to extend the offer to Woods. In a press conference on Wednesday, Pavin told the collected golf media that Gray had mis-quoted him, and that he had not made a decision on the roster position.

Thursday, it got interesting.

ESPN is reporting that Gray approached Pavin and the two engaged in a heated exchange. Gray reportedly called Pavin a "liar," and allegedly extended a hand towards Pavin's wife. Pavin reportedly moved Gray's hand, and at the end of the discussion Gray exclaimed that Pavin "was going down." Pavin responded by asking Gray what he was "going down" for, asking if it was for "making stuff up."

So here we are, with Gray slowing limiting the number of sports he's covering and eliminating the number of athletes that will talk to him. Once a more prominent reporter, he's now alienating himself in the golf world as an analyst for... the Golf Channel.

Given his recent track record (read: being pimped by LeBron), making a respected man like Pavin mad isn't going to win Gray any more friends.

It might be time for Gray to take his recorder and disappear.

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