Acquiring Manny Ramirez Should Cost Someone With the White Sox Their Job

Acquiring Manny Ramirez Should Cost Someone With the White Sox Their Job


With Manny Ramirez on waivers in Los Angeles, most local and national analysts believe the most logical destination for him is Chicago's south side. Rumors on Sunday night are that Manny could be property of the Sox as early as Monday.

If the White Sox pull the trigger on adding Ramirez, someone should be fired.

Consider the following statistical picture:

Age 40 38 33 34
AB 228 195 244 283
Avg 0.268 0.313 0.205 0.233
OBP 0.392 0.407 0.310 0.307
HR 18 8 17 8
RBI 45 40 40 29
R 34 32 37 28
TB 234 100 111 108
OPS 0.980 0.920 0.765 0.688
Cost $1.8M $4.2M $500k $1.5M


In the winter before the 2010 season, the White Sox had to make a tough decision. There has been a lot of public (and, undoubtedly, private) arguing over who's call it was to let fan favorite Jim Thome leave.

Thome loved Chicago, and Chicago loved Thome. He still owns a house in Hinsdale, and has said he will move back here when his playing days are over.

But the Sox wanted to have versatility on their roster this year. So they decided to keep left-handed hitting Mark Kotsay as a utility player, who can work at first base or in the outfield, as a DH.

The Sox also added Andruw Jones, the one-time elite centerfielder, to the mix. However, he was seen as a right-handed hitting bat that would be a corner outfielder, possibly seeing time in center when Alex Rios, a waiver claim late last year, moved to a corner spot, took a day off, or was injured.

Ozzie Guillen claims the decision to let Thome walk was his call.

But Kenny Williams is the General Manager, and it's hit job to make all ultimate, final decisions regarding the roster Guillen has to work with every day.

In the chart above, Kotsay is Player D. Jones is Player C.

Which brings us to Ramirez.

Any scout in the game will tell you that Ramirez is longer a defensive option in the majors. He's nothing but a hired bat, which is why his time in the National League appears to be coming to an end.

Ramirez has been hurt for a big part of the season, and just returned earlier this week from another stint on the DL. He hits right-handed, just like Paul Konerko, Rios, Alexei Ramirez, Gordon Beckham and Carlos Quentin.

He is in the final five weeks of his contract as well.

Thumbnail image for Jim+Thome.jpg

On the chart, Ramirez is Player B. Thome is Player A.

As you can see from the chart, the Sox gambled that Thome would cost more than they could afford; considering his $13M salary last year, if they didn't ask him how much he wanted, it was a fairly safe play.

Hindsight, of course, shows us that Kotsay has the same base salary as Thome.

And Thome is passing milestones in Minnesota... who happens to be in first place, in front of the Sox.

If the Sox bring in Ramirez, it spits in the face of the "logic" the Sox employed to build their 201 roster.

If they wanted versatility, Ramirez isn't it; like Thome, he shouldn't even own a glove.

If their concern was balancing out all of the right-handed bats in their order, obviously Ramirez isn't it.

If they wanted to save money, Ramirez isn't it; the Sox would be on the hook for over $4M for five weeks of Manny being Manny, nearly three times what Thome's going to cost their rival for an entire season.

If they wanted to win, Ramirez wouldn't be an option. The Sox would have put a legitimate bat in place from the start of the season so the issues they've had watching Kotsay, Jones, Mark Teahen and others leave guys on base in March.

There has been enough turmoil off the field this season that change will probably happen at the Cell before next year anyway. If the Sox decide that Manny Ramirez is their best bet to win, it has to happen.



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  • I think Manny will be a good addition to the ChiSox. Risky, but good. He is a phenomenal hitter when he needs to be, and his career stats for September are better than decent. We'll see what happens.

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