Nike's New Tiger Woods Commercial or How To Miss The Point

If you're not someone who takes to stupidity from a billion-dollar corporation easily, I recommend you not watch the commercial embedded here. This is one of the greatest failures in the history of marketing, and it couldn't come at a worse time.

Here's the video:

Yes, that's Tiger Woods' late father, Earl, speaking to his son. Clearly, the audio wasn't originally intended to be (pardon the pun) pimped by his son to resurrect his career at the Masters.

Tiger Woods is bringing enough baggage with him to the Masters this weekend. The other players are being good sports about the nonsense because, as many of them have honestly admitted already, he's their meal ticket. Every tournament Tiger shows up at has more fans, more cameras, more time on Sportscenter, and, most importantly, a bigger purse.

But this commercial shows that not only is Tiger Woods a dirtball, but Nike is now paying him to have no soul.

How is Tiger a fallen hero? At what point do you lose the "hero" label in America these days? Is it permanent?

I understand, and appreciate, that there's a separation between Tiger Woods the Person, including his home life, and Tiger Woods the Brand. Tiger wants privacy, and has begged the media to leave his family out of things.

Tiger wants to move on.

But when a commercial like this airs, how is anyone supposed to respect Tiger's wishes to separate his complete failure as a husband from his ability to win Majors?

Tiger claims to have grown through these mistakes, and learned from rehab. He claims that he is going back to religion. These are private matters that he wants to deal with privately, and, as he strongly told the world in his monologue (or "press conference" as he called it), he wants his mother, wife, and kids kept away from the circus that is Tiger's new life.

So the world isn't supposed to exploit his family for gain, but he's going to exploit his dead father for a television commercial?

My response is simple: Get bent, Tiger.

I don't care which religion you claim to be using to re-center your life. Most have a pretty big commandment near their core: treat others with the respect you would like to be shown. If you want others to leave your family out of your comeback, then perhaps you should do the same.

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