Mother in so called Toddler "Thug" video Defends her Son, but she should defend herself

Words can't express how infuriated I was, when I watched the video of the toddler receiving verbal prompts to say some things that no one of his size should even hear. Nevertheless, this baby seemed more than comfortable repeating and even forming his own phrases filled with profanity.

I shook my head through the small clip which I'm sure was only a smidgen of it in it's entirety, and if you haven't seen it click here but be prepared for the sickest shit ever. As far as those who were asking the toddler to repeat the inappropriate verbalizations, you motherfuckers outta be ashamed of yourselves. How about reading the baby a book, oh wait you probably can't read or you don't have sense enough to teach the kid something worth while.

Recently the toddlers mom went on air to defend her "son," which immediately puzzled me because if anything she should've been defending her sorry ass parenting skills. People can say I'm being judgmental and honestly I don't give a damn but one of the first things she said in her interview was, "All kids curse," and in the same breath she said he doesn't talk like that.

Um first of all, all kids who are wearing diapers aren't as comfortable calling someone a garden tool or a female dog like her son was. That isn't something he just learned during the video.

Second of all, she's a liar. You can't say all kids curse and then say your son doesn't talk like that. If she thinks all kids curse it's only to justify what the world saw in the video. The only reason she wasn't in the video laughing or asking him to repeat phrases like, "Tell that bitch to suck your dick," was because she was in the other room supposedly. Your parenting skills suck so bad you allowed your son who you are suppose to protect, to be humiliated.

The fact of the matter is all toddlers don't curse but they will if they're sitting around a bunch of young adults who are cursing and asking them to repeat curse words. But hey, this is what happens when babies have babies.

CNN hid her face during the interview because she's a minor, but I don't think that's fair. Her sons face wasn't hidden when the video went viral so she should face the same type of embarrassment he did. Her video should go viral with the words "YOU SUCK AS A PARENT" in big bold letters constantly moving across the top of the screen.

Then, to top it off, she had the nerves to say, he had a clean diaper on and the house was clean! No one cares about whether the house was clean, his mouth was filthy! Not once did I look at the house or focus on whether his diaper was clean. I was in total shock because of what I was hearing.

I want to end my rant by saying, I'm aware that no parent is perfect, but we shouldn't be deliberately teaching or allowing others to teach our kids inappropriate things. The type of environment we put our kids in will determine their future. Toddlers are like sponges, they're soaking up everything they can. So be careful what you say around them.

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