Paris Hilton the Victim: Nelson Mandela had a Dream but he's not Dr. King

While scrolling down my newsfeed on Facebook yesterday, I saw a status that read, "R.I.P. Nelson Mandela."  Immediately, I became sorrowful, but after viewing pages like the one below, I held my emotions in check until I gained some validity.







No Morgan Freeman is not deceased, this is just an example of the ignorance we witness throughout social media.  After turning on the television, CNN confirmed the death of Nelson Mandela, but the fact that I had to question such a serious matter is ridiculous.  For someone to create a fake page dedicated to the death of a living human being is the lowest thing a person can do.  Well, at least I thought it was until I saw this in my newsfeed.







Once again, I was faced with the highest level of ignorance on social media, but I didn't jump to conclusions and bash Paris Hilton.  This morning I decided to dedicate a blog to Nelson Mandela but before I could gather my thoughts I saw Paris Hilton counter the fake tweet with another tweet which seems to be the more honest reaction.  She also took a moment to address the hoax.

real first

real tweet







I don't know Paris Hilton, but I'm smart enough to know that she can't be that stupid.  Of course she knows the difference between Mandela and Dr. King.  I also know there are many fake celebrity pages on all of social media.  It's so bad that many celebrities have to put "The Real" before their names.  The person responsible for the fake tweet has to be the most miserable animal to ever walk the face of the earth, and yes I say animal because this was an extreme act of inhumanity.  To use the death of one of the most selfless individuals ever, in an attempt to ruin someones celebrity is not only cruel but it disrespects everything the world has accomplished when it comes to racism and segregation.

What Nelson Mandela did for South Africa, by battling the apartheid (who believed in segregation and also giving advantages to whites while limiting blacks to reserved labor) was a courageous act that ultimately costed him nearly 30 years of freedom, but it changed the world.  So, it shouldn't be used as a tool of slander by some idiot hiding behind a keyboard.  Mandela went from a political prisoner to the president of South Africa in 1994, which was the countries first democratic election.  Mandela had enormous lines of supporters waiting to cast their votes on election day which showed how influential his views of unity and equality were.  Not only was Mandela disrespected, so was Dr. King and his "I Have a Dream" speech which also changed the world through his message of brotherhood and equality.

the line






I also feel bad for Paris Hilton because of the embarrassment she faced yesterday, but even worse for the imbecile who infested social media with the pure fuckery that some fed into.  This ought to be a lesson to all media outlets, bloggers, and those who tweet, facebook, instagram, and all other forms of social media, that we shouldn't be so quick to judge celebrities.  They're often the victims of the cruel actions of those who lack integrity.  May you rest peacefully, Nelson Mandela.

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