Ferguson Aftermath: What we can do to Prevent another Tragedy

Ferguson Aftermath: What we can do to Prevent another Tragedy
I’ve seen many opinions regarding the decision not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the killing of teenager Mike Brown in Furgeson Missouri. Some opinions have led me to delete folks (both black and white) off my Facebook page, in order to distance myself from the foolery. Who’s to blame for what took place? I... Read more »

Age ain't Nothin but a Number

As a teen I thought anyone over 30 was was old. The number seemed so far away how couldn’t I?  Not to mention we didn’t speak the same language, wear the same types of clothes, or listen to the same music. I played basketball all day and they did old people things like go to... Read more »

Over Worked, Under paid, and not Appreciated: Those who work in the field of care.

Prior to our annual Vegas vacation this year, I was forced to quit a job I’d been employed at for close to 7 years.  Details of why I had to quit aren’t that important, no I take that back, they’re very important, but let’s just say I’m close to the finish line in my pursuit... Read more »
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Growing-up in World War III

There are many negatives and positives to having a house full of children, but since they’re driving me crazy right now, it’s only right that I blog about it for stress relief. Woo-saaaaaah! Lately our children have been at war. Seriously, it’s like they’re growing up in World War III. The only thing missing are... Read more »

George Zimmerman the Celebrity Boxer? You gotta be fucking kidding me

George Zimmerman the Celebrity Boxer? You gotta be fucking kidding me
For anyone who indulges in social networking, it’s common to run across things that make you say WTF (what the fuck). This week I had another one of those moments when Mr. George Zimmerman, the wanna be cop, wanna be hero, wanna be MMA fighter, decided to resurface once again, only this time he wasn’t... Read more »

The Importance of Disciplining our children

One thing I struggle with as a parent is how to discipline my children. We all have different beliefs as far as what we should or should not do and there will always be someone who’ll criticize your parenting skills. Even the non physical forms of discipline will draw criticism from others. For example, If... Read more »

Madonna gets Unfair Criticism for "N-Word" Hash-tag

The controversy over Madonna calling her son the “N-Word” in an Instagram post, caused me to rethink it’s usage from a 2014 point of view. I know some of you despise the word whether it’s used with racist intent (nigger) or a term of endearment in which Madonna was using it (nigga) and I can... Read more »

Mother in so called Toddler "Thug" video Defends her Son, but she should defend herself

Words can’t express how infuriated I was, when I watched the video of the toddler receiving verbal prompts to say some things that no one of his size should even hear. Nevertheless, this baby seemed more than comfortable repeating and even forming his own phrases filled with profanity. I shook my head through the small... Read more »

11 Below with Mountains of Snow

I’m sure many of you can relate (at least those who got hit with the snow storm the past couple days) but my life has been absolutely nuts since God decided to do whatever people think he does when he makes it snow. Saturday night my wife thought it would be a bright idea to... Read more »

New Years Resolutions are a set-up for Failure

With New Year’s Eve approaching, the traditional bullshit we’ve all participated in at some point in our lives called “resolutions” are making many people feel like 2014 is their year. I’m far from a hater, but when I see the same people claiming 2014 who claimed 2013 and so on, it makes me wonder what... Read more »