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Scene from a basement; dialogue

Last night the wife and I were riding out the snow storm in the basement.  The night was boring, frankly, to the point that she began humming while chilling in the recliner, cat in lap.  Both of us staring at the TV not saying much waiting until bed time. I will be looking back on moments... Read more »

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre

Saint Valentine's Day Massacre
Saint Valnetine’s Day Massacre might be a touch strong but the point will be made.  Valentine’s Day to me has never really been more than an inconvenience.  Valentine’s Day in my younger years meant taking little paper valentines for all my friends in grammar school and stuffing their shoe box taped to their desks.  Teenage... Read more »

Sleeping with a hot ass woman

Sleeping with a hot ass woman
For those of you hoping that this is going to be some kind of 50 Shades of Grey smut-fest, sorry.  The title should probably have read “hot assed woman”, but I had to get your interest somehow. Sleeping in the winter time is the best time for me.  Winter sleeping offers everything that is great... Read more »
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    Elevating the fatherhood game is what I am doing, daily. Whining, complaining and cursing about kids you will not find here. Parenting is a refined art that so few do to a high level and I have set the bar high. High class, high society, high brow, all the time.

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