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It's a boy world; take this time to prepare yourself

It's a boy world; take this time to prepare yourself
I’m embarrassed that I didn’t share this with the webbernets yet but my wife and I did find out before Christmas, on my birthday actually, that we are having a son.  I am getting what all machismo filled men want and that is to have a son right out of the gate, first shot.  Forgive me if... Read more »

4 Weird Things About Pregnancy

Why only 4 things?  Because everyone does top 5 lists and I SET the trends!!  Obviously this is from a man’s perspective and I am convinced that most things pregnant women do are weird.  There are infinitely more than 4 things and I reserve the right to add to the list at any time.  This is only... Read more »
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    Aaron DeDobbelaere

    Elevating the fatherhood game is what I am doing, daily. Whining, complaining and cursing about kids you will not find here. Parenting is a refined art that so few do to a high level and I have set the bar high. High class, high society, high brow, all the time.

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