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Bad parenting 'til you die!

There is a difference between perception and reality, but there is an old cliché that I loathe; “perception is reality.”  My reality says that if I’m not father of the year material at the very least I’ll be serviceable.  The perception of me as a person and by extension as a father is best illustrated... Read more »

Letting a 9-year-old pick the name of your unborn child; #2

Ginger Grant from Gilligan's Island, Without question the hottest Grant.
My apoligiess to my 9 year old niece for getting it wrong, I’m a horrible person. Istallment #2 brings the first of the boy names. Name: Grant Origin: English Meaning: Great or Grand. Another possible origin of the surname is from a medieval name ultimately derived from the Old English Granta, which might have meant... Read more »

Kids Today Just DGAF!

I think kids are hilarious.  I think pictures of kids doing their thing are even more hilarious. They do what they want and they especially say what they want, there is no filter, it’s all innocent.  At work I probably spend too much time surfing and looking at pictures, BUT SINCE I DO, if I find one... Read more »