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Pleased were they; and the Gods smiled upon one man

Pleased were they; and the Gods smiled upon one man
Sitting high atop the mountain with gilded crowns atop golden locks of silk the Gods watched, and intently.  The Gods had created all before them; the mighty azure seas, the snowy mountain peaks, legions of beasts roaming free, and also man.  Man kept their interest time immemorial; it was man that was most interesting. They watched man run... Read more »

Sleeping with a hot ass woman

Sleeping with a hot ass woman
For those of you hoping that this is going to be some kind of 50 Shades of Grey smut-fest, sorry.  The title should probably have read “hot assed woman”, but I had to get your interest somehow. Sleeping in the winter time is the best time for me.  Winter sleeping offers everything that is great... Read more »

I had Subjugated Myself and Didn't Even Know It; My New Life as a Pet

A typical Wednesday night, just like hundreds before it.  I’m sitting on the couch, the wife is on the other and we are mindlessly staring at nothing on T.V.   The television is an unfortunate byproduct of my love for the NFL and all things Bears.  Only during football season do we have cable, the rest... Read more »
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    Elevating the fatherhood game is what I am doing, daily. Whining, complaining and cursing about kids you will not find here. Parenting is a refined art that so few do to a high level and I have set the bar high. High class, high society, high brow, all the time.

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