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To dog or not to dog?

To dog or not to dog?
With apologies to my most favorite and beautiful sister-in-law I have to share a conversation and pose a question. I’m a dog guy.  I’ve had dogs while growing up and into college.  I somehow stopped being a dog guy once I met the wife.  Like so many other parts of myself that were once absolute,... Read more »

My last baby free Thanksgiving

Here I sit on the brink of my 35th consecutive Thanksgiving, a streak that I take pride in because if the streak ends I will be dead, literally. Like most I enjoy Thanksgiving and all that it brings; food, family, football and napping.   This Thanksgiving though will be my last that is baby free.  Long gone will... Read more »

Dads in the Delivery Room; Not this guy

What to do, what to do, what to do.  As it has been for several years my mind is made up;  I will not be in the delivery room when my first child is born.  My stance on this has not wavered, my wife has known of it even before we talked about having children... Read more »

Gender Reveal Parties

Last summer my cousin invited me out to a local spot for pizza along with her parents and other family members.  I hadn’t seen that side of the family in while, she was pregnant at the time and I thought nothing of it so I joined them before work on third shift.  We jawed and... Read more »