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The excellence of execution and overachieving

The excellence of execution and overachieving
Many, many milestones we all try to reach in our lives, personally and professionally.  From birth there is a road map through life lain out before us; first words, first steps, first day of school, graduation, first job, marriage and on and on.  Most milestones are seen, then passed and on to the next one... Read more »

Competition breeds champions; Fight! Fight! Fight!

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The world is a horrible twisted place. No one knows that better than a 6-month-old baby girl dripping in pastels and she’s going to get ahead. Doing whatever it takes whenever she needs to, she imposes her dominant will on a hapless victim in a candy cane shirt. Passing out free lessons? Yep, I think... Read more »

I had Subjugated Myself and Didn't Even Know It; My New Life as a Pet

A typical Wednesday night, just like hundreds before it.  I’m sitting on the couch, the wife is on the other and we are mindlessly staring at nothing on T.V.   The television is an unfortunate byproduct of my love for the NFL and all things Bears.  Only during football season do we have cable, the rest... Read more »