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Curing the common cold with produce

So far this winter has been mild, especially when held up next to last winter’s kick to the frozen peas.  It has been grand.  But it is still winter and it does get cold and people spread their germs freely and there is not one among us safe from colds and runny noses.  Case in... Read more »

Post diet; Day 3

Post diet; Day 3
Yesterday was a busy day and because of that I got a treat.  I didn’t break the fast but still got to indulge.  The wife had a ultrasound last night and in grand fashion the lab was running behind.  We tried to get in early by 30 minutes and ended up sitting there for an... Read more »

Post Diet; Day 2

No problems yesterday with sticking to the plan.  It was a semi-busy day at work and then again at home so I wasn’t thinking about eating at all.  Currently my life is in a state of upheaval due to the baby and finding a new place all in the same week.  Posti should be a... Read more »

Post diet: Day 1 again

Post diet: Day 1 again
Before there are any misconceptions about why I am doing this let me lay it down for you.  I am not an overly religious person.  I think that I am like most Americans in that I have some level of belief but don’t attend church other than for weddings, funerals and on the high holidays, and... Read more »

Post Diet: Day 1

Post Diet:  Day 1
Today marks the begining of Post for the Serbian Orthodox church, the Catholics out there know it as Lent.  When I married the wife I converted to the church because it really doesn’t matter to me where I go, when I do.  That is the one tradition that my family has and we keep, converting... Read more »

My last baby free Thanksgiving

Here I sit on the brink of my 35th consecutive Thanksgiving, a streak that I take pride in because if the streak ends I will be dead, literally. Like most I enjoy Thanksgiving and all that it brings; food, family, football and napping.   This Thanksgiving though will be my last that is baby free.  Long gone will... Read more »

Battling with Garrets & Count Chocula for the soul of my pregnant wife.

I don’t want to start a whole thing here on diet and nutrition, but my wife is eating a bunch of crap and we are on the verge of our first baby related fight.  In reality I shouldn’t be saying anything to her, I’m far from being some crunchy granola vegan that won’t eat anything... Read more »