90 day performance review

90 day performance review


NAME:  Aaron DeDobbelaere

TITLE: Father


EVALUATED BY:  Vladimir, BIC;  Baby in Chief

Knowledge of Work - Consider employee's skill level,  knowledge and understanding of all phases of the job and those requiring improved skills and/or experience.

The associate is severly lacking in this area.  He exhibits a minimal understanding of his duties and responsibilities towards the job.  When asked to perform the smallest of tasks, i.e. changing a diaper, he looks lost and confused and fumbles his way throughout the task.  Bottoms are rarely powdered and often times are put away wet, this obviously violates many company guidelines and safety procedures.

Rating:  Unsatisfactory

Quality of Work - Consider the accuracy and thoroughness in completing work assignments.  Consider the individual's ability to self-identify and correct errors.  Take into consideration incomplete assignments.

With little knowledge of the work there can be no quality.  The associate rarely completes tasks on time and when he does, they are done half way.  During feedings bottle caps are not tightened properly and leaking occurs, causing wet spots on onsies.  Often times only one fastener is affixed on diapers leaving the potential for more leakage of a more dangerous type.  Water temperatures are often times 2-5 degrees too cold, causing embarrassing shrinkage.

Rating: Unsatisfactory

Quantity of Work - Consider the volume of work completed in relation to assigned responsibilities.  Consider the ability to meet and stay on schedule and the proper use of work time.

There is room for improvement here.  The associate does not do as much work as he could.  During a 40 hour work week, he enlists the help of an elder, more experienced employee to lighten his own work load.  For hours at a time he asks this 30 plus year veteran to do his job for him up to and including feedings, diaper changes and baby talk.  When not asking her, he asks his partner to handle the bulk of the work load while he shows no interest in helping.

Rating: Below expectations

Dependability - Consider how well employee complies with instructions and performs under unusual circumstances; consider record of attendance and punctuality.

Attendance is at an acceptable level.  As mentioned above there are 8-10 hour stretches the Aaron is missing, this is not a real issue however as when he is around he does little to help the company aside from the occasional airplane ride and goofy face.

Rating: Meets expectations

Self-Initiative - Consider how well employee demonstrates resourcefulness, independent thinking, and the extent to which employee seeks additional challenges and opportunities on their own.

Aaron shows little to no initiative.  He has to be constantly reminded to perform any tasks through constant, consistent and loud screaming.  Only then does he realize something needs to be done and only then does he act.  Typically by then, it is too late and the customer is either dirty or hungry.  Management will continue on current path to further motivate Aaron to act.

Rating: Unsatisfactory

Personal Appearance - Consider the employee's neatness and personal hygiene appropriate to position.

Management cannot comment on the beginning of his shift, as it is still sleeping.  When he does show up 8-10 hours later his appearance is very sharp; polo shirt, pressed slacks and a pleasant aroma.  However shortly after that those clothes vanish and are replaced by ratty shorts, flip-flops and some variety of stained t-shirt.  The stains usually consist of a white discharge that smells of sour milk.  He shaves barely once a month and his breath smells of smoked meat and beer most days.  This goes on until the end of my shift, what happens after that I do not know.

Rating:  Unsatisfactory

OVERALL RATING: Below expectations.  Needs improvement

COMMENTS:  It is the opinion of the evaluator that this associate improve his performance drastically and immediately.  He does not perform his duties quickly or to a high level, a level that this company has set high, and he does not go above and beyond the call of duty.  He has to constantly be reminded the customer is hungry, tired or sitting in his own dirt.  At times the reminders reach a decible that is damaging to the customer's throat, but hopefully to his ears.  He needs to have bottles at the ready, bath water at a suitable temperature and powder on my butt.

It is my recommendation that he be re-evaluated in 90 days.  After that we will decide if he is worth keeping on in his current position.  There is hope for him, there is a gleam in his eye that says he has the moxie and balls for the job.  I will stay on for a minimum of 18 years to constantly challenge Aaron and his intestinal fortitude.



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