Post Diet; Day 2

No problems yesterday with sticking to the plan.  It was a semi-busy day at work and then again at home so I wasn't thinking about eating at all.  Currently my life is in a state of upheaval due to the baby and finding a new place all in the same week.  Posti should be a breeze until the end of April.

I got reamed by a Serb for my initial post on this because I wasn't humble in my approach to discussing posti and salvation.  His comment was 8 paragraphs and laid out his own piousness and how maybe I would be mentally ready for salvation next year.  Thanks bro.  I am ashamed by your divinity.  While I was reading his manifesto I was reminded of something my wife told me when we went to church for the first time on a Sunday and the parking lot was empty,

"Serbs like the idea of church, we don't really like to go". 

Truer words were never spoken my dear.  Thank you.

Breakfast:  4 cups of black coffee.  During the week I'm not a big breakfast guy but watch out on the weekends.  That's why this weekend will suck because I love me some breakfast meats.

Lunch:  left over baked salmon

Dinner:  fettuccine with shrimp and pan fried mushrooms.  It was a little drab so I threw some hot sauce in the bowl.

Snacks:  1 apple, almonds, and a PBJ when I got home form work and was dying

Cruising along so far.  This couldn't be coming at a better time because while getting dressed this morning the pants felt a little tight, and not in the good areas.

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