Pleased were they; and the Gods smiled upon one man

Pleased were they; and the Gods smiled upon one man
Destruction and misery unto thee Doula

Sitting high atop the mountain with gilded crowns atop golden locks of silk the Gods watched, and intently.  The Gods had created all before them; the mighty azure seas, the snowy mountain peaks, legions of beasts roaming free, and also man.  Man kept their interest time immemorial; it was man that was most interesting.

They watched man run about in his life; working, hunting, and surviving.  With mans brief history the Gods were pleased.  But it was not long that the Gods grew weary of man and his mundane existence.  The Gods wanted to be entertained by man and a great debate ensued.  The young Gods wanted to give man two special gifts of intelligence and ambition.

"Should we smile upon man and bestow such wondrous gifts to him?"  was the question posed.  Time meaning nothing to the Gods the talking wore on for eons when finally in the end there was an answer.

The answer was yes.

However, the ancient Gods did not believe man worthy of the gifts and wanted man to be tested.  Theirs was the opinion man would become lazy and complacent with these gifts.  The Ancients then also gave man procreation and wife.  Content in their new test the Ancients were also pleased and joined the Young on the mountain top to watch man struggle with his new existence.

For centuries the Gods watched and marveled at their creation and the game they had created for him.  Man continued to achieve, to innovate, to produce wonders the world over in praise of the Gods.  For all of their work, the Gods were pleased.  That too soon passed.

Man overcame the petty torments of the Gods.  Man's will was one that would not be broken so easily and this angered the Gods.  For millenia the Gods sat on their mountain thrones thinking how best to crush man spirit.  Once again the ancients spoke.  They spoke but a single word.


Then it was so.  Doula was put amongst man as the final test.

Doula went into the world of man and tore a path of destruction and carnage never before witnessed by the Gods.  They feared a terrible error had been made and that the destruction of man was at hand.  At the darkest hour, when the Gods feared their most precious creation would be destroyed one man came.

One man from millions shouted to the mountain top "I will defeat thine enemy!  I fear not Doula!"

This one man strode confidently and arrogantly into the vastness of the realm of Doula and stared deep into the cauldron of misery in the western suburbs.  Into the belly of the beast went this one man, alone, to a place no man ever dared to venture before him.  Battle erupted as quickly as the comos came to be, and so it went.

A lone warrior locked in battle this one man endured day after day of grueling combat with Doula, fighting for the soul of man itself.

The battle for man was near it's end, or so the one man thought. Thinking the battle over weeks ago he was tricked by Doula and the battle raged on for three more weeks.  Tirelessly he fought, day and night, with the heart of a lion.

The Gods watched and watched.

After seven bloody weeks of battle the Gods were appeased.  They saw man as the glorious creation they had intended.  Every challenge thrown him, he overcame; every enemy confronted by, he smote.  His energy, strength and courage drained almost completely from battle, the Gods looked down upon this one man willing to sacrifice himself to conquer Doula and smiled. They finished the battle for him by bestowing upon him one final gift.



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