Play date anyone? Go pound sand

Play date anyone?  Go pound sand
Go play with yourself pervert!!

The idea of a play date to me is absurd.  Are modern children so busy that a play date has to be scheduled?  Is there no time in their lives at 6 years old for play?  Like so many other things adults have managed to screw up play time.

I'll be the first to admit that I don't have much time for the modern world and the suburban existence.  I like things nice and simple, and rustic.  Small towns and small town attitudes suit me just fine.  However that doesn't mean that the rest of the world is wrong in what they are doing and that mine is the only opinion that matters, I get that, so I keep my mouth shut about it.  Most of the time.

My brother and his family live in the belly of the beast, in the heart of suburban hell; Northbrook.  A place where too many women have too much time and too much money and invent shit to worry about and things for their kids to do.  That choice of venue has always surprised me because he comes from small town America too, but hey, to each his own.  Today I got a message from his wife that has restored my faith.  The whole world has not checked out just yet.

A mother in my sister-in-law's neighborhood asked for a play date with her kids.  Being a rational person she said no on the basis that she had never met this woman before.  Here is the message she sent me (names have been changed).

Blogging gives a way to vent so can I vent through your blog? lol
Here is a subject for you....I am so freaking sick of people asking for a play date with one of the kids.  I am out of excuses.  Why can't I just drill it in their freaking tiny mind that I don't like to send a 5 year old to someone's house without knowing them well and I mean really well!  Just because their kid is in the same class, doesn't mean I know them!!!!  They expect me to just drop off Billy at their house!!!! What the hell?  I have come up with every freaking excuse there is.  One time some mom insisted on a play date with Sally.  I said I don't send Sally anywhere but you can bring your daughter.  She even offered to pick up Sally and her daughter from school at the same time.  I said no thanks.  I'll pick up my own daughter and meet you at my house.  She shows up looking all surprised.  She realizes she has mistaken Sally with some other kid.  Her daughter didn't even know Sally!!!  Imagine if I said okay to her picking up both kids!  So what did she do?  She introduced herself and took off.  Left her kid with me for a couple of hours.  Freaking weirdos! Next time someone ask I'm just gonna tell them get a freaking babysitter!

There you have it.  What's left to say to that?

Directly from the mouths of babes.

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