More background checks are needed, for teachers

Recently there has been a raging debate over background checks and how more are needed for guns.  Background checks to insure that felons and the mentally unfit can't easily acquire firearms, or at all.  One would have to intentionally avoid all types of media to not know what has been going on in this country relating to that.  In the wake of recent, tragic events perhaps the conversation is needed.

The kind of background checks that I don't hear anyone talking about are for teachers.  There is an epidemic in this country of teachers having sex with their students that are minors and children.  I don't know what the vetting process is for new incoming teachers into a school system but I say that it is not strong enough.  It needs to be better, more thorough and leave no stone unturned.  Why are sexual predators allowed into schools?  Are administrators and politicians too focused on lunch nutrition, union contracts, football concussions, eliminating dodge-ball and their own power to care about the kids that are under their charge?  Absolutely.

Because the many of the cases involve young female teachers and boys that are almost 18 I think the story gets pushed aside when it shouldn't.  This behavior is so pervasive in the country now that it is being lampooned and spoofed by South Park, radio stations and satirical websites and it shoudn't be.

Below is a series of links to stories across the country detailing this problem.  A quick Google search of "teacher sleeps with student" yielded 3.57 million hits.  The first link below lists the 50 hottest teachers that slept with students.  To me, that's a problem.

The list of links below could have been much, much longer.

Background checks of potential teachers need to be stronger and more thorough to better protect the innocence of kids at school.



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