Winter can suck it

Winter can suck it
Snow. Winter. We all know you suck!

After my lovely and scenic two-and-a-half hour drive home after work today I was greeted by a lovely pile of snow at the end of my driveway.  What did I do?  I fucking floored it and barreled my way into that sum'bitch!  'Murica!  The amazing people at the public works department plowed the whole of my street into my drive.  Super-duper, I love those bros.

Living in a town house that I bought in 2006, like an asshole, I am forced to wait until whomever comes and plows everything else.  You can bet your ass that I'm not going out there to shovel it myself.  Why do I pay $160 in association fees every month?  That's right, to be lazy and pass out beers to the guys hustling in the snow.

Being the sweetheart that I am though I cleared a runway for the wife so she can get her car into the garage and not have to clean it off in the morning.  The halo above me is blinding so be careful when you approach.

While I was breaking my back shoveling it occurred to me that next year at this time I'll have a rug rat that will want to be out in the snow and doing what kids do in the snow.  Since it's a boy, and it's my boy, he will be trying to write his name in the snow.  The thought of that scene makes my juvenile heart leap!  Can it be that my disdain for winter and snow might subside because of my boy?  Time will tell, but until then.....

Winter can suck it.  Suck it long and hard.  20-odd more days until spring and it can't come fast enough.


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