Making the case for forced sterilization

Making the case for forced sterilization
Here. Hold this for a sec.

Kenneth Rowe, 26, of Daytona Beach, FL brought his infant son to the Shark Lounge and liquor store, at around 11:30 p.m. on December 30, 2012, reportedly a cold night by Florida standards, so it was probably 68 degrees. He handed the two-month old to the clerk, went outside for a cigarette, and never came back.

The baffled clerk called the police after a while.  Why he/she would take a baby from some drunk is beyond me. Rowe returned for the child some time later, drunk off his balls. He reportedly took the baby, wandered out into traffic, and lay down in the street.

It is unclear from the reports if the child was in any sort of a carrier, or simply in Rowe’s arms. When police arrived he had the presence of mind to hide, but the baby’s crying gave away his hiding place in the nearby bushes. Rowe was arrested on child neglect charges, and the infant returned to his mother.


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