Baby name Thursday; cool baby names

Baby name Thursday; cool baby names

Don't even bother asking, it's cool because I say it's cool.  Also because I like to spell cool like this; kewl.  Trying to stay up on what's kewl isn't easy.  Rather than even try to I'm doing it all Gatsby-hash style and am going to decide what's cool for everyone else.  Gatsby-hash?  I just made it up, it's cool.  Start using it when talking about how new age things are awesome (iPads are so Gatsby-hash!) at Starbucks and you'll hear it on American Idol next week.

It is no longer cool to post Baby Name Thursday on Fridays.

Just listen to me and I'll let you know what the deal is.

Cool?  Kewl.

Time is drawing down on the baby name meme because soon the baby will be here.  Maybe this could morph into me making fun of dumb-ass baby names that suck.  Perhaps.  For now though I will soldier on with the list!


Name:  Viktor

Origin: Latin; the name has been used for centuries by many cultures

Meaning: One who conquers or, winner or, champion

Notable Name Bearers:

Victor Hugo- Poet, playwright, and novelist Victor Hugo was the heart of French Romanticism, with The Hunchback of Notre-Dame and Les Misrables.

Victor Fleming-  was a Hollywood director, notably helming Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz.

Victor Emmanuel II-  was king of Sardinia–Piedmont and became the first king of a united Italy.

Victor Lustig-  was a con artist who became known at "the man who sold the Eiffel Tower.

Viktor Stalberg- professional hockey player, Chicago Blackhawks

Comments:  Given that this name is centuries old and is not very popular today I think it's good.  It is appropriate to name a future king after past kings, playwrights and famous athletes.  The name is truly worthy  of my son and cannot tarnish his reputation in the manner that names like Blane or Owen could.  Such names conjure up images of shabbily dressed tenth year grad students sitting alone in the physics lab on Valetine's Day.

This is my back-up name.  While I admitted defeat before on Branko nothing with me is every truly over, but I do believe in being prepared.  Now that I have tipped my hand the wife will surely find fault with this name and tell me why it is for mustachioed Russian lounge singers.

Grade: A

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