Baby name Thursday

Baby name Thursday
Toughest sum' bitch in grammar school.

Yes I did.  I sure damn did!  Wha, wha why is he doing this again?  Did he drink too much Wednesday and didn't remember what day it was?

I'll tell you what I tell my boss, "stay out of my business dog".  I'll post Baby Name Thursday on a freaking Shnursday day if it makes my bits tingle.  Buh-leev it!

The last post didn't go as planned.  The wife didn't break and let me have my way even after the tantrum and spitting and pants dropping at Red Lobster.  We are starting to come to a compromise however and believe it or not this name is one of them that we agree on.  It's not the chosen one but it's in the top 10.  It spans many cultures but is really only remembered because of one man.


Name: Vladimir; male

Origin: Slavic.  That covers a lot territory in Eastern Europe

Meaning: from Wikipedia:

Max Vasmer in his Etymological Dictionary of Russian Language explains the name as meaning "regal". Folk etymology interprets the meaning as "person of the people" or "the one with peace on one side". This confusion is introduced by other meanings of the Slavic word "Mir" or "Myr" – peace, people/community, and the world. There was no ambiguity prior to reforms of Russian orthography in 1918. The spelling of the two words was миръ (peace) and мiръ (the Universe), and the name was spelled the third way, Владимѣръ, of Gothic -mērs (great), meaning "Great in His Power". but Russian speakers understood and understand the meaning as "Peace Rules" or "World Peace".

Notable Name Bearers:  There are many great (depending on your perspective) men that had this name.

Vladimir, Prince of Serbia 831–850

Vladimir the Great, Grand Prince of Kiev 980–1015

Wladimir Klitschko, Ukrainian professional boxer

Vladimir Lenin, founder of the USSR

Vladimir Petrović, former footballer and national football team coach of Serbia

Vladimir Putin, current President of Russia

Vladimir Guerrero, Dominican baseball player

Vladimir Núñez, Cuban baseball player

And of course

Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia (1431–1476), aka; Vlad the Impaler, aka; Dracula


Comments:  When this name is brought up as one of the finalists the inevitable reaction is "Vlad the Impaler?!" In the moment I always say "F'ing A right Vlad the Impaler!"  But that is really only a half truth.  I do like the name for the way it rolls off the the tongue, it's so easy to say and has to sound even better when screaming it at an unruly child. VLADIMIR! GET YOUR ASS OVER HERE!  It felt good even to type it imagine it in action.  I'll back track for a moment on the history for the non-horror genre fans out there.

Vlad the Impaler was given his moniker posthumously. His father, Vlad II Dracul, was a member of the Order of the Dragon, which was founded to protect Christianity in Eastern Europe. Vlad III is revered as a hero in Bulgaria as well for his protection of the Bulgarian population both south and north of the Danube.  Vlad III spent much of his rule campaigning against the Ottoman Empire and its expansion. As the cognomen 'The Impaler' suggests, his practice of impaling his enemies is central to his historical reputation. During his lifetime, his reputation for excessive cruelty spread abroad, to Germany and elsewhere in Europe. The total number of his victims is estimated in the tens of thousands. The name of the vampire Count Dracula in Bram Stoker's 1897 novel Dracula was inspired by Vlad's patronymic.

So suffice it to say this is a pretty bad-ass name.

Grade:  A


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