Baby name Thursday

Baby name Thursday
Mom? Why didn't you want to give me such a noble name? Didn't you love me?

This is the hail-mary play, my last chance at convincing my wife that this is THE name for our child.  As I've written before there are myriad reasons that I love this name.  For one reason she is dead set against it, she went to school with some schmo with this name and she was not a fan of him, not the president of his fan club.

She and I have gone around and around on this.  I have been on her for years, literally years trying to convince her but she is a stubborn Serbian she-bear and will not give.  I leave it alone for awhile and adjust my fire, go back and try again.  Nothing.  I'm not hoping for much to come of this but it is my last chance.

I am appealing to you, the reader, and the vastness of the webbernets to help me convince her that she is a damn fool for resisting.  If successful I will include your name as part of the middle name*!  Leave a comment in the affirmative and it's done!  No matter how many comments are left, even if his name is 56 long, so be it.  What a deal!

*this deal will not be honored.


Name: Branko; Bronko

Origin: Serbian; Slavic; variation of Branislav

Meaning:  Glorious defender

Notable Name Bearers

Bronko Freaking Nagurski -  NFL Hall of Famer from the Chicago Bears.  Nothing else needs to be said about this.  There it is one of the all-time greats of the game legends were made about his brawn and jaw line!

Branko Strupar - Croatian-Belgian soccer player.  He became a naturalized Belgian citizen and played for the Belgian national team.  With that we are both satisfied, he was a damn Belgian too!  Now if she doesn't relent she will be insulting my father and my heritage!!

Branko Baković - Serbian soccer player.  Another athlete.  How can she not see that by naming our child Branko he is destined to be a famous and wealthy professional athlete??  We will need someone to take care of us when we get old dammit!

Here is a list of dozens of others.  Awesome Brankos from all walks of life.

Comments:  What is left to say?  I said it all before, I laid my case at the mercy of the court long ago.  Now my happiness hinges on the ability of the blogosphere to help convince my Mussolini wife to change her mind and grant me unparalleled joy.  I will be laying in traffic until it has been decided.  Perhaps that has been her goal all along?  If so I say "masterful work my dear, you are the viktor."


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