Baby name Thursday

Baby name Thursday
Virile. Sexy. Potent. Aaron.

Yep that's right.  Check it.  Go ahead, look at your calendar again, it's still Friday.  I am so ganksta that I publish Thursday's swag on Friday, believe it.  Tone setting baby, just getting it all ready for when I drop the greatest name EVAH on dis here blog.  You dig?

Hold on to yo Lane Bryant's cuz here it come.

Name:  Aaron (BOOM!)

Origin: Hebrew; derived from Aharon

Meaning:   According to some theories, the name could be derived from various Hebrew roots meaning "high mountain", "mountain of strength" or "enlightened" or "exhalted. 

I am Aaron's utter lack of surprise.  No doubt that my name means "Mountain of Strength", I'm a huge freaking guy with the strength of 10 Ron Swansons.  DAYUM!!

Notable Name Bearers:  Obviously this list is long and distinguished.  I could write for hours on the many, many important, verile, dashing and charismatic men named Aaron throughout history but I will give only the greatest.

Aaron the Illustrious (or Aaron of the nuts), an Armenian saint (by far my favorite!)

Aaron Burr (1756–1836), American politician

Aaron Eckhart, American actor

P-Nut (Aaron Charles Wills), member of band 311 (this one is for you Milena)

Hank Aaron, Baseball player and All-time home run champ, suck it Barry Bonds

Aaron Hernandez, football player, TE, New England Patriots

Aaron Rodgers, football player, QB, (I forget what suck-ass team he plays for)

Aaron Spelling, creator of "Beverly Hills 90120" and Tori Spelling


Comments:  What else can be said about what is perhaps the greatest moniker of all time?  The name screams; HONOR, STRENGTH, ELEMENTAL, MACHO, ROBUST, VIGOROUS, POTENT, and VIRILE.  I could go on, the dictionary is full of words the encapsulate such a distinguished and noble name.   To name my son after myself would bestow upon him the greatest of honors and yet, the largest of burdens.  How could I expect him to live up to the legacy that I have lain out before him?  To ask that of any man, let alone a child, would be asking too much.  Why not ask him to move a mountain or bottle the oceans instead?  Why not ask him to tame a stampeding herd of stallions or carve Mt. Rushmore with a Q-tip?  I cannot do that to my son for he would surely go mad attempting to live in such a mighty shadow. No, I must do what is right and just.  I must not lay a road ahead of my unborn son that would be impossible to travel, his road must go a different direction.  His destiny lies along a different path and he must travel it alone with only his wits, an axe and his brawn.

Grade:  A++


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