Baby name Thursday

Baby name Thursday

It's back.  After much guilt tripping by my father and sister I am going to full fill my promise to my niece and continue posting the names she has suggested for us.  To be honest we will probably end up picking something from the list.  See, we haven't agreed on jack-squat since I posted my Branko post.  We are no further along now than we were then with picking a name.  All that is still true is that she HATES the name Branko, and I love it.  Time is drawing short as she is 25 weeks along so something will need to be done soon.  I've been stock piling cash for this occassion, I'll get down in the shit if I have to.  NO HOLDS BARRED BABY!!  But because time is running out I will be cherry-picking names that interest me from the extensive list my niece so lovingly provided.


Name:  Lexi or Lexie (female)

Origin: Greek

Meaning:   "Defending men"; "Protector of men".  The name is usually a nickname of given names like Alexandra, Alexis, Aleksa or Alexandria, but it is almost always used for a female.

Notable Name Bearers: 

Comments:  I am partial to this name mostly in part because my wife has a cousin, I think, with the same name. I'm not entirely sure what the lineage is but I know that we spend a lot of time at their house. Trying to establish the exact relationship that a Serb has with another is almost impossible, titles like Aunt or Uncle are thrown around like so much rakija at Slava.  Suffice it to say that she is a blood relative, she is young and cute as a baby panda.  Standing up and being counted with German martial artists, archers, professional wrestlers and anthropomorphic rabbits is pretty good company on the badassness chart.  For that I am passing out my highest grade yet.

Grade:  A-



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