The results are in: Is it a boy or a girl?

Last night the wife and I went to the doctor for the sonogram.  THE sonogram.  The big one that has identified the gender of our baby.  Initially I wasn't going to go with but she persuaded me with ambush tactics that caught me off guard and then I found myself agreeing to go.  I'm not sure what else I agreed to but time will tell.

My wife got off work early and took the train home, as usual.  Her getting off early was no small feat as she is an accountant and her company is going through year end right now, they aren't on the fiscal calendar.  They enjoy heaping more pressure and stress on people during Christmas time, lovely.

She beat me to the clinic, and as I walked up I saw her knees bouncing feverishly, non stop.  That means only one thing; she was bursting.

"What's the problem?" I asked.

"I have to go pee."

"So go. We'll be here forever I'm sure.  You got time."

"I can't until it's over.  They tell you to drink a lot so that you have a full bladder and it wakes up the baby so it'll move around and they can get all the pictures."

"How much did you drink?"

"I drank one of those huge hospital cups full of water, and a big ass Coke right before I got on the train. So it's been two hours."

Pregnant, full bladder, tiny bladder.  She looked like an addict going through withdrawal while waiting for Methadone, it was awful.  Her constant knee bouncing was annoying the crap out of me so I told her to go ask the nurse what the deal was as our appointment time had passed 30 minutes ago and still nothing.  She did and we got in shortly thereafter.

The lab technician shut the door and got to it.  She squirted the goo all over my wife's stomach and pushed and jammed the wand all over the place.  I was waiting for a full on bladder evacuation at any moment but the wife was able to hold her liquid and was rewarded with a trip to the can.

The tech asked us if we wanted her to turn the screen when she got to the sex of the baby and we said yes, and explaining to her about the gender reveal party.  My sister is throwing the reveal party for us so we were instructed not to find out.  Personally I think it's all an elaborate scheme perpetrated by my sister so that she can be the first one to find out.  I almost did the unthinkable while my wife was in the bathroom and asked the tech what the gender was.  I knew though that if it was a boy  I would't have been able to hide my joy and would have been up the creek for the final 15 weeks, so I put my money back in my pocket and stood there like a good boy.

Once it was all done my wife presented the tech with an envelope, she wrote the gender and dutifully sealed it.  She even checked to see if the writing was visible through the envelope.  What a pro.  After that a group of armed guards came in, took the envelope and rushed it, convoy style, to the baker, so that super secret cupcakes could be made.  That part would have been cooler than the reality; it's in my wife's purse and destined for the post office.  *sigh*

In 8 days, on my birthday, we will know what flavor of baby we are having and I can't wait.  Like all great fathers I'm hoping for a son, so is my wife, because I told her we are doing this until I get one so she better get it done on the first shot.

What do you think it will be?


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