Nothing of interest out there for me

Nothing of interest out there for me

As I sit here at my desk after braving the snow storm that wasn't last night and the mildly annoying roads of the northwest suburbs, I am trying to avoid work.  The Friday on the verge of Christmas and a four day weekend is not a productive one but I soldier on and go through the motions. 

Starting with a coffee and some cookies from a vendor I got a jolt and have started to come around.  So far I have shuffled some papers had a conversation and another coffee and made sure to keep a work related application open on my desk-top just in case.  Jumping in between this writing and the Internet I have become a maestro of mouse clicks as people wander in and out of my office looking for something to do.

As we all do, I have my daily reads on the web that I hit every day; Fox news,, MSNBC and promajaneck to name a few.  One of my favorites though is, I like to stay informed of local stuff and what not, and to plug the fine news source that offers me this platform! (=

But as I was browsing around today nothing interested me.  I read the sports, nothing.  I'm tired of reading about the malcontents on the Bears and their whining and non-winning ways.  I'm tired of off season baseball moves; snore.  I read the headlines about the prison break, meh.  More shootings in the city; shocker.  Another Daley being propped up by Madigan into thinking he should be the top lap-dog in the state; yawn.  Even the editorials and opinions didn't hold my interest, and I love those.  The topics though have become repetitive and tiresome; more gun control, CPS is closing schools and people are mad, the Fiscal Cliff, unions and right to work. 

Is there any reason for this malaise?  Am I burned out on politics and talking heads?  Most likely.  I told myself after the election that I am taking this year off from all things political and I have been successful so far.  That, though, has lessened my interest in most everything else that is going on outside of my universe.  The year 2013 for me will be the year that I no longer think globally and act locally.  I'm localizing everything, I'm turning my attention and energy to my wife, to my unborn child, my family and my friends and my blog.  The world will continue to spin and rage out of control without my input, that much I know.

When I come back around to the world I'm sure that there will still be crime in the streets, crooked politicians looking to make a buck in Chicago, people screaming for compromise on both sides of the isle and news outlets covering every second of it.  For now, for the sake of my own sanity I'm taking a break from it all.

Settling into a nice routine of work, play, baby, blogging, repeat sounds good right now.  I'll probably flip on the news or scan some headlines from time to time just in case there is another Mayan Apocalypse looming but I'll feign interest and won't get worked up about it.  And, after my micro sourcing session, Big Cat week on Nat Geo will be back on.  Serenity now.



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