Don't Vote for Obama

Tomorrow I’m voting.  Not for the first time but for the first time in a while.  The last presidential election I voted in was 1996 during my first year in college.  There isn’t any real reason I haven’t voted, it’s mainly because I have been wrapped up in my own selfish existence, doing my thing.   But things have changed a lot since then as they tend to do.  I’m married, expecting and more socially and politically aware of the world around me.

I can tell you right off that my vote for President is going to be wasted.  Fly-over country is for the most part filled with red states, but I live in the island of blue that gave the world Barack Obama and will forever vote for him so long as he is running for something.  So, my meaningless vote will be cast and the electoral votes from Illinois will go to Mr. Obama regardless.  That’s the system in place so I bear no ill-will, I’ll pull the handle anyway.

I view most elections as a choice between the lesser of two evils anyway.  There has not been a candidate yet, on either side of the isle that I have identified with, that I felt has really spoken to me.   No matter what any of them say, be it Mitt Romney, Barack Obama or Rand Paul, on the national stage they are all wealthy, they are all in it for themselves and they will all say whatever they have too to get your vote, they are all part of the 1%.  You cannot ascend to such a lofty position without having money or influence  or having gone to the best schools.  So, all the class warfare rhetoric is irrelevant.

But I am voting anyway.  Not for a candidate and not for a political party, but for America.  ‘Muurica!!  I’m voting because it’s my right.  I’m voting because the democratic system is the best system.  I’m voting because there are millions of people world-wide that can’t.  I’m voting because people have died to give us that right.  I’m voting because people have died to protect that right.  I'm voting to set an example for my children.  I'm voting to vote!

Go to the polls tomorrow and vote for whomever you desire.  Vote for your guy or girl that you hope is going to solve all your problems and all of the world’s problems.  Just make sure that you get your butt in the voting booth and exercise your rights.

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