Battling over the baby name

Battling over the baby name
Mom? Why didn't you want to give me such a noble name? Didn't you love me?

Almost from the first day that we announced we were pregnant the topic of baby names and what to name the baby has been brought up.  The inevitable line "______ is a good name" has come up countless times and it never gets funny.  When it does come up I like to diffuse the awkwardness by replying "why would I want to set my child up for failure with a name like that?"   But not a week goes by that we don't get asked that question.

There has been an on going battle between the wife and I over a name, a specific name.  Before we even talked about thinking of maybe wanting to decide to have kids she told me that she wanted to give her kids Serbian names.  I didn't and don't have a problem with that, it would be part of their identity and background and the chances that they are going to speak Serbian are very strong, so why not?  Being the caring sensitive husband that I am I started making a list in my head, doing a teensy bit of research to see what some of the common names are.  There are plenty that sound American like, Dejan (Dan), Petar (Peter), Andjela (Angela) and Danijela (Daniella) but there are some that will bend your tongue into knots like Zorica (my apologies to my mother-in-law but it took me years to pronounce that correctly), and that has always been the goal; ethnic but not too ethnic.

Somewhere along the way I came across the name that will be my son's name.  I love it, it's powerful, it commands respect and is even a famous name of a Hall of Fame football player from our very own Chicago Bears!  What the hell could be better than that?  And he will have the toughest initials in the valley; B.A.D.!!  Branko Aaron DeDobbelaere!  Oh man!  Just typing it makes me swell with pride.  Bronislau "Bronko" Nagurski was a Canadian of Ukranian descent that stood 6'2" and weighed 235 lbs.  He played for the Bears from 1930-1937 and is in the Hall of Fame.  His legend is large;

"Nagurski was discovered and signed by University of Minnesota Head Coach Clarence "Fats" Spears, who drove up to International Falls and arriving watched Nagurski out plowing a field. According to legend Spears asked directions to the nearest town, and Bronko lifted his plow and used it to point in the direction of town. He was signed on the spot to play for the Golden Gophers." from Wikipedia.   

Unfortunately for me, my wife has a different take on such a powerful name and even after 2 plus years of pitching my case for this grand gift of a moniker she has dug in her heals and refuses to recognize the brilliance of the name! She is a stubborn-ass Serb and it has become a battle of wills.  But that's okay because I'm a stubborn-ass Belgian that won't give up the fight. 

Evidently there is someone from her past that was blessed with the name that she didn't think too fondly of.  How does that affect me? I didn't know that guy so why should it ruin things for me?  I'd bet dollars to donuts that he was awesome and walked around with a powerful beard and mitts like a bear in the 5th grade.  My wife was very obviously intimidated by his brawn and charisma! It's absurd.  She want's Serb names so I'm giving them to her.

Until she comes up with a viable alternative, which she has not done to date, my plan is to snatch the birth certificate and fill it in while she is still out of it from child birth.  That plan is solid and can't fail.  Besides, if I don't get my way then I told her all of our kids are being named Aaron or Erin, George Foreman style dammit! 









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  • Unless you are a medical freak in possession of ovaries and a uterus, you are not pregnant.

  • Why are you making the assumption that I'm a guy? It's a whole new world out there we can be and do whatever we want.

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    In reply to Aaron DeDobbelaere:

    Your wife is being a mule about naming the baby Branko and thinks you're an ass. If it's any consolation, I'm on your side. I wish my initials were B.A.D.

  • In reply to Deke Rivers:

    The sad truth is she has KNOWN I'm an ass from day one and she married me anyway. Score one for me.

  • In reply to Aaron DeDobbelaere:

    "There has been an on going battle between the wife and I . . .she told me that she wanted to give her kids Serbian names. "

    Unless you need to take remedial grammar or unless you are gay partners and both pregnant, you seem to have self-identified as male.

  • What's wrong with numbers, just plain old numbers?

    Name them all "NumberOne", like George Forman named all his kids, including the girls, "George". That way, when ever anybody asks anything about your offspring, they can always say, "I'm NumberOne, and I...."

  • Branko is cool. I might spell it Branco. "Bron-ko" right? Or Bran like bran muffin? Hm. If the Bran part rhymes with brawn, awesome. If Bran rhymes with pan, I vote no, but it's your kid and I don't get a vote.

    Good luck!

  • It's Branko like Flan, long A. I could even throw an H in there for shits and giggles.

  • I would reconsider the "k". It makes an already slightly difficult name seem even more trendy. Noooo "h". Brahnko? Yipes. Oh well, whatever it is, people will get used to it. The thing you might want to avoid is people hesitating to use his name because they're unsure how to pronounce it. Memorable, easy and not a dime-a-dozen is my rule, but I come from a sales background.

    I have a friend named Berek. That is a name steeped in tradition you might like. He is in sales and no one ever forgets his name because he introduces himself as, "Berek, like Derek with a B". Boom, no one ever gets confused.

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