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Name:  Kalina, female

Origin: Slavic, and Australian Aboriginal

Meaning:   Pronounced kah-LEE-nah. In the Slavic origin the meaning of Kalina is "flower".  Also an Australian aboriginal  name that originated with the Wemba Wemba tribe of Northwestern Victoria with the meaning "to love".

Notable Name Bearers: Princess Kalina of Bulgaria  The only daughter of exiled Tsar Simeon II of Bulgaria.  Simeon II left Bulgaria as a child when the country ceased to be a monarchy. That's why his wife and children never received any royal titles from Bulgaria.

Comments:  I wasn't really to excited about this name when I first read it but after researching it, it started to grow on me.  I'm not one to make up absurd names just so that my kid will be the only one in the world with it, but I do like that it is not hugely popular.  I'm more of a traditionalist with names, Joe, Frank, Jan, but my wife wants Serbian names.  That must be so they can be identified when the sacred scrolls are read during Slava.  The choice of this name would indicate to me that my niece pays close attention to what the adults are saying, even when we think she isn't.  So, nice job kiddo to pick names for Aunt Milena, however, I'll be making the necessary adjustments next time you're around.  Nothing but whispering all the time, Cosa Nostra style.

Grade:  B+


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    I agree, this one is growing on me too.

  • How about it? I'm going to have to put a pin in that one.

  • Yes,. agree with you. Kalina is a very good name and has a great sound. I am going to having this name for my baby girl.

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