Letting an 8-year-old Pick the Name of Your Unborn Child

When my wife and I announced to my sister that we were expecting she went home and told my niece, Brynn.  She was pretty jacked at the news and the prospect of having another minion to boss around during the holidays, she being the oldest.  She was so jacked that she sat down and wrote up a list of 20 potential names that we should consider for her pending playmate.  Completely unsolicited I might add.   Even though I tend to be juvenile and cynical to a lot of things I am not completely heartless and I was touched by the gesture, so I promised her that I would post one name a week as long as she kept sending them to me.

She didn't give any reason for the names she picked, some are obvious because they are family names, others left me staring.  When my sister gave me the list I suggested that Brynn's first choice was the name of her boyfriend at school and she was less than thrilled with the image I had forever seared into her mind.  Her little baby going boy-crazy.

I'll try to find a language of origin for the names and some kind of meaning and my own commentary.  If you have an opinion on any of these feel free to assault us with it.

Brynn, if your mom lets you read this, I love you, thank you and keep 'em coming.

So here it is; installment #1 of Brynn's top 20 names for her cousin.

Name:  Kalina; female

Origin:  Hawaiian

Meaning:  Pure

Comments:  When I first saw the name I wasn't sure if it was really a name or maybe something that she had heard on the Disney Channel (which I loathe).  Finding out that it had some backing was a relief.  I'm not opposed to this name I guess, it does kind of roll off the tongue but I get a Real World/Jersey Shore drunken trash-bag vibe from this name.  I might be doing my future child a disservice with this name, kind of like naming her Lolita.  Next!

Grade: C-





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    First of all, your niece will haughtily inform you that she is 9 years old, not 8. And, I believe you might be just as horrified to know that I think the name Kalina is from the American Girl dolls' recent 'Girl of the Year'.
    Anyway, loving the new blog!

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    Kalina (ka-li-na) as a girl's name is pronounced kah-LEE-nah. It is of Slavic origin, and the meaning of Kalina is "flower" (search "Viburnum" to see photos).

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    I can live with that explanation better. I did ask her to include some Serbian names.

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    I am laughing so hard about the "minions to boss around"!

    I will let Brynn out of her bubble briefly to see that she has been quoted in a blog.

  • In reply to Becki Burke:

    I don't think there is anything objectionable on there. I'm sure she knows all the clowns on Jersey Shore already.

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