Letting a 9-year-old pick the name of your unborn child; #2

My apoligiess to my 9 year old niece for getting it wrong, I'm a horrible person.

Istallment #2 brings the first of the boy names.

Name: Grant

Origin: English

Meaning: Great or Grand. Another possible origin of the surname is from a medieval name ultimately derived from the Old English Granta, which might have meant "snarler".

Comments: I am partial to this because it is the name of a very close friend and a cousin, so there is some attachment to it. I'm glad that Brynn included this name and I was able to research it and find the truth because my friend has obviously hidden the origin of his name from me for years. Being a proud yet sneaky Irishman he is no doubt ashamed of his ties to the crown. This name won't make the cut simply for the reason I'm not naming my kid after a close friend. Period.  And, the amount of crap that I would hear from others, that live in Miami, that still whine about their place in line at my wedding would be unbearable, Miko. You ass bag.

Grade:  B


Let's have a look at some famous Grant's.....



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    hmmm, I walked with Miko in your wedding. Should I be upset too?

  • If only for the reason you had to walk with him. He felt he should have been first.

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