Battling with Garrets & Count Chocula for the soul of my pregnant wife.

I don’t want to start a whole thing here on diet and nutrition, but my wife is eating a bunch of crap and we are on the verge of our first baby related fight.  In reality I shouldn’t be saying anything to her, I’m far from being some crunchy granola vegan that won’t eat anything that
casts a shadow, I’m a regular Joe, and I eat what Joes eat.  Although my diet has been improving recently and I only shop on the perimeter of the grocery store and I eat grass fed beef from a farmer in Indiana, it is far from perfect.  But it’s still better than hers!  Before the pregnancy I didn’t pay much attention to, or care, what she was eating as long as she kept her mouth shut when she was chewing it.  But this food situation is proving to be the first of my attitude shifts now that I have a child on the way.

As far as major changes in my wife’s life go the complete abandoning of drink was a huge one.  At the first party we went to after we knew she was prego, she refused a drink and that was the first thing out of our friend’s mouth; “You pregnant ‘r sumthin’?”  So I have to approach this delicately, she is a very….passionate person that is prone to tell you how she feels.  If I come at her with demands that she eat better she won’t, out of spite.  I know she is a stubborn Serbian she-bear but this cannot go on!

Here is what I am dealing with:

Example 1; She rides the Metra to and from Ogilvie every day and the other night came home with a huge bag of Garrets; cheese and caramel.
Dinner is served.

Example 2; the night before that dinner was a bowl of cereal, Honey Bunches of Oats.  Sure, not as bad as Count Chocula, but still loaded with sugar.  Eat up.

Example 3; Sat on the couch and ate a pear and that was it.  Fruit, awesome, nice and healthy.  But what did she eat before that stole her appetite for dinner?

Eating these things on occasion isn’t the end of the world if they are accompanied by good calories and aren’t the whole affair.  But if she brings home Ramen noodles like some frat guy then something will have to be done.  For her to tell me that she isn’t hungry for dinner is a farce.  That just means that she ate something at the train station or wolfed down a torta from Fast Taco after she got off the train.  She’s my lovely full figured peanut and she doesn’t miss meals.  I might not know much but I know that.

So how do I do it?  How do I get an emotionally unstable, stubborn, pregnant woman to eat better?  The easy answer would be to cook for her but that isn’t in the cards.  Why did I get married then? (I kid, I kid).  Half of the time she only wants to eat cevapcici, sarma, palacinka and the other 5 Serbian foods that exist.  I don’t know how to make them and she doesn’t have the desire so we only get it while at weddings, funerals or trips to her parent’s house and those trips come with a spoonful of guilt she finds tough to swallow.  Perhaps we get the Holy triumvirate of Jenny Craig, Jillian Michaels and Seattle Sutton over here to tag team her?  Meh, I don’t even like Washington.

At this point my only hope is that she has a “come to Whole Foods” moment and takes care of business on her own.



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    Leave her alone!

  • It's not me it's them! Didn't you read the post?? ;-)

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