Bad parenting 'til you die!

There is a difference between perception and reality, but there is an old cliché that I loathe; “perception is reality.”  My reality says that if I’m not father of the year material at the very least I’ll be serviceable.  The perception of me as a person and by extension as a father is best illustrated in these photos that I will post periodically.  I find these photos to be hilarious in almost every way so the perception may become the reality.  However, the real reality lies somewhere in between. Confused?

Part of me is waiting for a catastrophic change once the baby is born, that I will instantly be turned into the adult that my years indicate I should be.  Until then I will laugh at these pictures.



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  • What is going on in the first picture? I thought it was a potato gun, but that really can't be.

  • It's a leaf blower. You can see that his patch of dirt needs a good blowin'.

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