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Chicago for Sale, Again?

Two separate pieces in the Tribune’s Editorial and Perspective pages on Monday could have been combined into one article to really give readers a better insight into Chicago politics. “The Chicago Way on trial” editorial  ( and William’s Daley’s view on “Chicago needs more surveillance cameras” ( would have been a better read if the... Read more »

A Voice Lost and She'll Be Missed...

Why do people write to newspapers and voice their opinions, allowing perfect strangers to read about their personal experiences and beliefs? Is there a secret letter-writers society with a secret handshake and a decoder ring given to all its members? A lot of people have asked me similar questions to these throughout the years, and... Read more »

My 1st Cubs game: Bat Day, Fergie, and a Spilled Beer

After attending Trib Nation’s Chicago Cubs Press Pass event at Wrigley Field this week, I caught myself daydreaming about the time I went to my first Cubs game. And, it wasn’t because I was bored listening to the Trib’s Fred Mitchell’s ‘9 inning’ panel discussion with Cubs great Billy Williams as listening to them was... Read more »

The Trib, Burke, & Me

I would like to thank the Chicago Tribune for keeping me informed and letting me know what’s going on in our great city, especially reporting on Ald. Ed Burke’s costly ‘$600K a year’ security detail. But, I’m asking for more information. See, I’m a ‘regular’ citizen and I’m not an ‘entitled’ alderman. I have to... Read more »