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Whatever Happened to Bernie the Clown, Preacher Man, and Buddy?

Whatever happened to Mike the butcher, Bernie the clown, Wally the telephone guy, or Barb the hairdresser? And, whatever happened to the tradition of naming your eldest boy after his father, who was named after his father? Hey, I didn’t like being called ‘the turd’, but, it was worth it to me to be named after... Read more »

Cubs should wear Santo's #10 in 2012

Ron Santo being elected into Baseball’s hall of Fame is SWEET, not bittersweet as Cubs owner Tom Ricketts and many people have called his induction. It’s SWEET because Ron had ‘sweet swinging’ Billy Williams strongly pushing for his induction. It’s SWEET because now we (fans) get to keep the spirit of the ‘Pizza Man’ alive... Read more »