Chicago for Sale, Again?

Two separate pieces in the Tribune's Editorial and Perspective pages on Monday could have been combined into one article to really give readers a better insight into Chicago politics.

"The Chicago Way on trial" editorial  ( and William's Daley's view on "Chicago needs more surveillance cameras" ( would have been a better read if the pieces were meshed together and the title changed to 'Chicago for Sale."

Chicago For Sale

I have to wonder if the placement of each piece was a coincidence or if it was the Tribune's intention to create some irony.

On one page, there was the editorial on the 'bribes to John Bills which helped Redflex, "the once-struggling company got rich quick by landing the lucrative contract under former Mayor Richard M. Daley and then expanded the program under (current Mayor Rahm) Emanuel." And, on the opposite page in the Perspective page, one can read the view of William Daley (the brother of one former Chicago mayor and the son of another mayor) on how Chicago needs more surveillance cameras.

Also, I have to wonder two things about Daley's view of adding more surveillance cameras. One, are the additional cameras another way to help bring in more revenue to the connected people of Chicago? And, two will a vote for more surveillance cameras pass through our city council as fast Mayor Emanuel's security detail flies through red lights or as quick as it was for our city council to rubber stamp the deals with companies for the parking meters, speed and red light cameras, and new DePaul Stadium?


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